• Creative Ways To Raise Money For Your Cause

    Creative Ways To Raise Money For Your Cause

    Each of us work with many different causes and charities that desperately need money and yet very few people actually take the initiative to donate money to these causes. Most people want to donate money and yet due to lack of time they rarely ever get down to doing so. In many cases donating fifteen dollars to a charity organization may seem like a lot of money however when that fifteen dollars is taken in another context such as going out for a meal or paying for things many people are not likely to think too much about it. This is normal human behavior and therefore as a charity or as a supporter of a charity you will need to find creative ways of earning money for your charity or cause.

    Host an event

    One of the main things that you will need to do is create awareness among your community about this particular charity and tell them why it needs money. You can combine your awareness efforts with money earning by choosing to host a carnival or fair with family rides, food and drinks. Not surprisingly many individuals and families will not think twice about coming to an event such as this and spending big amounts of money therefore if you host a carnival where all proceeds go towards your charity you are likely to be able to earn quite a lot of money. 

    In addition to family rides in Geelong, you can choose to have other activities conducted by volunteers of your organization such as face painting and magic tricks that will be able to earn money for the charity without you having to pay hiring costs.

    You can choose to have a number of stalls that you can sell to business owners in your area who will be able to sell their products to the patrons of your carnival. You will be able to earn money from the money you get from selling the stall. If you manage to get around one hundred stalls, this should be more than enough of money to pay for all of the rentals for rides and building of the stalls.

    One thing that really sells at carnivals is food and drink and therefore in addition to selling stalls to food and drink suppliers, it would be a good idea to get together and make some food with your team that you can sell at the event. This is guaranteed to bring in a lot of money for your important cause.

  • Different Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests

    Different Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests

    When it is time for your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. That would include planning the gifts and favors that you hand out to the guests. These are crucial and need to be attended to as they represent your special occasion and how your invitees have been part of the occasion as well. You want the favors to be memorable as well as cost effective at the same. Here are some ways to decide on your wedding favors.

    Theme of the wedding

    You could base the favor items on the overall theme of the wedding. For instance, if you are planning to host your wedding in a vineyard, you might get small chocolate liqueur sets as custom wedding invitation packages. It could also be a small bottle of wine if you have the right budget for the same. Base your favors on the wedding theme to get your guests prepared for the wedding theme and festivities as well.

    Edible items

    If you have a small budget, it is cheap to get edible items as wedding favors. These could be chocolate bars or sets of assorted chocolates. Favors could be collections of mixed dried fruits and nuts as well. These differ as per the custom or norm in a certain region or country. One could get them customized and wrapped in unique ways along with custom wedding invitation packages. There are many forums where you could browse through the different ideas like heart shaped chocolates that are wrapped in colored paper which coincides with the wedding theme. 

    Souvenir items

    If you have planned a destination wedding, you could plan the favors to be small souvenirs that remind the guests of the region or place where you will be getting married. For instance, if you have a beach wedding planned, small sea shell shaped souvenirs or other collectible items from beaches could be added as favors to be passed to the guests along with the invites.

    Favors as return gifts and more

    Often there are favors handed out more than once for a wedding. For instance, while favors are offered along with invites, there are flavors offered during wedding events like bubbles to be blown out during the wedding ceremony in an outdoor wedding event. There are small favors placed on the reception tables as well as guests are handed out tiny frames with photos of the wedding couple or the guests themselves with the couple as return gifts. These are some of the different gift ideas that can be explored as favors for marriage parties. There are several blogs where one can gain inspiration from our order in customized gifts directly from online outlets.

  • How To Organize A Fun Filled Theme Party

    How To Organize A Fun Filled Theme Party


    There are parties and then there are parties. It is not every party that you go to that leaves you with memories. However, for a party to be fun there have to be things to remember about it. That is why now that you have the chance to organize one, you should put all your efforts to make sure it will be the talk of your friends for a long time.

    To achieve that, you will not only need the right party decorations hire in Melbourne, you will need a well thought out plan. Since you are planning a theme party, there are a couple of things that you will need to do to get it right. These include; choosing the right theme, understanding the people you are inviting, sending out invites in time and getting the venue in the right mood.

    Choose an appropriate theme

    When organizing a theme party, the first thing is to get an idea about the theme. Since you do not want to force down your ideas on people, try to discretely get peoples take on the theme you are considering using. It is important that you talk mostly to the people that you intend to invite for the theme party.

    Consider the people

    When planning a theme party, you should at all time keep in mind the people that you hope to see at the party. Consider what you know about them to determine if they will be happy with the chosen theme. Note that the party is not only for you but also for those who will be in attendance. Therefore you have to bother about what their impression will be on the chosen theme. If you had done the previous step right, then you should have problems at this stag.

    Send out invites

    Once you have a theme and are confident that the majority of those you want at the party are happy to go with it, it is important to send invites early. This will not only give people enough time to decide whether they are coming or not. It will help them plan for the party appropriately. Your chances of getting more people to attend the party will be high if you send out invites early.

    Get the venue mood right

    The venue of the party should also get some attentions. Get the venue booked in time and plan to decorate it in a mood that reflects the theme. If you can’t manage to do it yourself, you ca always get an event decorator to help in this area. all you need do is to tell them the effect you want to achieve and they should be able to help you get it.

  • Planning Return Gifts For Your Guests

    Planning Return Gifts For Your Guests

    Whether you are hosting a birthday party for your child or are planning a wedding party, there is need to source return gifts for your guests. Indeed, any formal party nowadays warrants return gifts. It is a warm way to part as your guests are happy to leave with a memento of the special event. In order to make any event special, you would want to provide a special gift to your guests. If you are racking your brains on coming up with the ideal gift, here are some ideas to get started.

    Picking up different gifts

    In order to make the return gifts, show that you think about the person before making a purchase. Though there are some generic gift ideas that would work for most people, if you wish to make a return gift a special one, opt for different items for every person. That would certainly be more time consuming, but with some thought and planning, it can be done. When you are booking unique wedding reception venues in Melbourne you would certainly love to make the occasion a special one for everyone.

    Monogrammed gift items

    Another way to make a gift an exclusive item is to get it monogrammed. This is possible as many gift stores offer this feature. If you are picking up a drinks flask, you could get the initials monogrammed. The same goes for luggage tags and other small items. These might not be expensive, but monogramming the items makes them special. That would certainly add a special flavor at unique wedding reception venues. Browse this page if you are looking for a reliable venue for your event.

    Order in bulk

    With varied gift ideas available at several online stores, it is possible to pick up for different age groups and genders at a single outlet. That would make it easy in many ways. You would make considerable savings when you make purchases in bulk. Also, your purchases will get completed at one go and you will receive your orders at once. You could also ask for them to be gift wrapped for an additional nominal fee.

    Add tags from before

    In order to be prepared for handing out the gifts at the time your guests are leaving, you might want to keep them wrapped and tagged from before. If you are handing out personalized gift items, ensure that you add the name tags from before to avoid confusion. This will also make the gift handing out process easier. You could also add a thank you note in a card. This would be a nice touch in a wedding party. This is a great way to end a special event like a wedding party and leave lasting impressions in everyone’s mind that were part of the special day.

  • Hosting Fun School Event

    Hosting Fun School Event

    Being a teacher is one of the greatest jobs in the world as you are building up the next generation. Dealing with toddlers and children can be a very interesting experience however at the same time it can also be quite the daunting task. Sometimes having to sit through others of lessons can be extremely boring for your children and although the children think that you are enjoying every minute of it it can be quite boring for you as well. For this reason, you will need to come up with a number of fun and exciting activities that you can have throughout the school year to lighten the mood and keep your kids interested.
    Reading related and educational activities
    When deciding on what activities to host for your class, make sure that every one of the activities that you choose have some form of educational value for your kids. You may host reading related events such as Book week when all the kids in the class come to school dressed as their favourite story book character. You will also need to look for book week costumes for teachers as your kids will be excited and thrilled to see you participating in the festivities with them. You will need to emphasize that all the costume that the kids wear are homemade and do it yourself so that they do not go out and spend too much money on the costumes. You may even have each child come up to the front of the class and give a small talk about his character and the importance of the character. This will be a great learning experience for each kid.
    When doing your research on book week costumes for teachers choose a costume that is both fun and also beloved by all the children in your class. This could be from a book that you have recently read with your class or a book that all of the kids are very familiar with. 
    During book week, make an effort to organize as many book and reading related games as possible during school hours to keep the week fun and relaxed. You may even have spelling bees and spelling games like scrabble that the kids can play in groups. You may even have some sub categories under these main ones that will give awards to the funniest costumes and the best do it yourself costumes. It will not cost you much to give out to these awards as you may give out some inexpensive small gifts as it is the thought that matters.


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